Turbolader-Service-Set von BTS-Turbo

Turbo Service Set

Complete set for turbocharger replacement

The BTS Turbo Service Set is the all-round carefree package for turbocharger repair.
The inlet line supplies the turbocharger with the necessary quantity of oil for lubrication and cooling, while the outlet system must ensure the unimpeded return of the oil to the engine. Partially or even completely clogged oil inlet and outlet lines are frequent causes of turbocharger damage, and 49 % of all turbocharger damage is caused by a lack of oil or dirt in the oil.

The oil lines therefore often play a central role in turbocharger damage and urgently need to be replaced. Replacement is also a precaution against future damage.

Service-Set von BTS Turbo

With the BTS Turbo Service Set:
  • Eliminate sources of error
  • Replace all necessary parts
  • Ensure running time of the new turbocharger
  • Repair quickly, with the least amount of time, technically sound, comprehensive and safe
  • Including hassle savings due to possible claims for consequential damage!

The BTS Turbo Service Set includes all necessary parts:
  • Turbocharger
  • Mounting kit
  • Oil inlet line
  • Oil drain line
  • Initial filling additive